Jeff Share worked for ten years as a freelance photojournalist documenting situations of poverty and social activism on three continents.  In 1995, he became a bilingual elementary school teacher at Leo Politi Elementary School in Pico Union. After seven years, Share left the classroom to work as the Regional Coordinator for Training at the Center for Media Literacy where he wrote curricula and led professional development.  He then earned his Ph.D. in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA and now works as faculty advisor in the Teacher Education Program at UCLA with new teachers in the master’s level credentialing program. He also provides professional development training in critical media literacy with teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District as well as educators across the US and internationally. His current research and practice focus on the teaching of critical media literacy in K-12 education. In 2015, Share published the second edition of, Media Literacy is Elementary: Teaching Youth to Critically Read and Create Media. He is currently researching the connections between climate change, environmental justice, and critical media literacy. In 2017, he published Teaching Climate Change to Adolescents with Richard Beach and Allen Webb.

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An article in Ampersand after the release of the second edition of Media Literacy is Elementary.

My doctoral dissertation committee: Teshome Gabriel, Douglas Kellner, Peter McLaren, & Daniel Solorzano.

My son and I presenting together at a conference about critical media literacy.

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